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GKP - Gnosjö Klimatprodukter

A fast growing family business with roots in the well known Gnosjö-spirit. 

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GKP – Gnosjö Klimatprodukter AB

is a growing family business with roots in the well known Gnosjö-spirit. With many years of experience in production and purchasing, we maintain a high standard regarding the quality of our products, as well as our deliveries. The company specialises in consumer household climate products including oil-filled and electric radiators, infrared heaters, heating fans and convector radiators. You will find all of our products in the product section in the menu.

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Smooth heat from Gnosjö

The oil-filled radiators from GKP – Gnosjö Klimatprodukter AB are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. They creat a healthy and comfortable indoor climate that does not dry out the air. The air is heated smoothly and comforably by radiant heat, without draft and without risk of burning. The oil-filled radiator works quietly, unlike the tradiational plate radiators that can keep the whole family awake with noises from the plate being heated and cooled. GKP products are easy to assemble and can be placed where they best fit.

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Quality information

  • Meets the Eco-design directives – 2018.
  • The oil-filled radiators are made out of 1 mm thick sheet steel.
  • Each radiator is machine welded with strict monitoring to ensure quality.
  • Powder-coated radiators leaves the surface hard, durable, and easy to clean.
  • High voltage test.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging, with carrying handles.
  • Clear product labels with all relevant information gathered.
  • High quality customer service.
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