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Can you mount the radiator vertically or up-side-down?

This is not possible due to the heating cartridge being mounted at the bottom of the radiator. If you mount the radiator up-side-down, the heating cartridge wont be in contact with the oil, this will trigger a fail-safe within the cartride to avoid over heating or any damage to the radiator. 

Is it possible to change the position of the thermostat?

No, all of our radiators have the thermostat placed on the right side.

What certificates/apporovals are there on your radiators?

We test all of our oil-filled radiators at Intertek/SEMKO, to ensure that all applicable standards are complied with. 

What type of switch is used on GKP radiators?

All models have an all-pole switch. 

What is the enclosure rating of the radiators? (IP rating)

All of our oil-filled electric radiators have an IP21 rating. 

How warm can the radiator surface become?

The surface temperature can reach 80 degrees celsius, maximum. 

How long is the cable attached to the radiator?

The cable for 230V is 1.6m and 1.2m for 400V

How far does the radiator extend from the wall when mounted?

The radiator extends 7.5 cm from the wall, with or without convector plate.

What is the freezing point of the oil?

The freezing point of the oil is -25 degrees celsius.

400V or 230V, what should I get?

The choice of voltage on the radiator is determined by how your home is built and connected. If you are unsure, contact a certified electrician to ensure a correct installation. All 230V are delivered with a plug and can be connected to a standard wall socket. 400V must always have a fixed installation by a certified electrician. 

How do I install a radiator? Can I install it by myself?

If you need to replace or install a new radiator, you must always contact a certified electrician to help you with the installation. However, there is one exception. A certified electrician is not necessary when installing a 230V radiator with a plug. The plug must not be cut, unless you are a certified electrician. 

How do I install a new thermostat on my radiator?

Installation of a new thermostat must be done by a certified electrician. 

How do I disable the "open window" feature?

Watch our instruction video here

How do I determine what radiator is right for me?

Have a look at our radiator guide to find the best option for you.

Can I install an oil radiator in the bathroom or garage?

If you want to install an oil-filled radiator in a room with water supply, make sure to check the enclosure rating (IP rating) and what zone you are planning on installing the radiator in.  

How do I recycle my old radiator?

The radiator must be recycled at a recycling centre (civic amenity site / CA site). 

What does the "open window" function do?

This function detects if there is a sudden draft close to the radiator, indicating that a window or door has been opened. The radiator is then temporarily switched off to reduce consumption. 

What is night reduction?

If the night reduction function is activated, the thermostat lowers the temperature by 3.5 degrees celsius.